Box Jellyfish On The Move In The Philippines

Living in The Philippines or heading that way? Look out! Box jellyfish are making waves and it seems as though their season in the spotlight is well underway. 

According to the Philippines Jellyfish Stings Facebook page, April 2019 has been a busy month with box jellyfish stings or samples collected in numerous areas around the country.

Please stay safe, remain vigilant and heed any warning signs.

Further Reading:

Areas in The Philippines where box jellyfish problems have very recently occurred include:

Province of Palawan
Castilla, Province of Sorsogon (southern Luzon)
Estancia, Province of Iloilo (Panay island)
Camarines Sur (Luzon) 
Lucena, Calabarzon region (Luzon)
Cagayan (north Luzon)
Dimasalang (Masbate island)
Dalahican (Luzon)
Marabut (Samar island)

Salabay is Tagalog (Filipino) for box jellyfish and here are some images posted on Facebook over the past weeks. Oh and pick up a box jellyfish at your peril, or just don't!!


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