Stings Get Serious On Koh Samet

A recent harrowing sting event on Koh Samet once again highlights that serious jellyfish stings can occur just about anywhere along Thailand's coast.

Not known as a box jellyfish hotspot, Koh Samet in the north-east of the Gulf of Thailand was the site of two reported stings in September. This one as illustrated by these images was extremely painful with the victim enduring multiple hospital visits.

A timely reminder to be vigilant and take care at all times no matter where you are, the good news is that the victim followed correct treatment procedures immediately dousing the sting with vinegar for at least 30 seconds. Medical assistance was received at the closest hospital.

These wounds will heal, though the experience lives on and this victim - who has spent a lot of time in Thailand's waters but never received a jellyfish sting - will now approach the sea very differently.

There are a wide range of stinging jellyfish in tropical South-East Asia with most nothing more than an annoyance while some can cause excruciating pain and others can kill.

This one like the vast majority came out of nowhere taking the victim by complete surprise. It was just the slightest touch. It was difficult to see with the victim more focused on the growing sense of burning pain that came on almost instantly. It was identified by locals, an attending lifeguard and the doctor as a box jellyfish.
  • Keep a close eye on the area in which you are swimming or snorkelling.
  • Ask locals and tourists about the presence of jellyfish.
  • Purchase a cheap bottle of vinegar to keep in your beach bag, just in case.
  • And, get your suntan on the sand while keeping safe in the water with a lycra jellyfish-proof suit.


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