Jellyfish Safety Is Now In Your Hands

A handy reference has hit the smart phone market and the Jellyfish App is now at the disposal of anyone who wants to know more about what they're sharing the sea with. Co-developed by Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin who is the world's foremost authority on jellyfish - she has identified hundreds of them - the Jellyfish App is a virtual encyclopaedia on the subject much like its creator.

There are Pro and Lite versions available on the App Store and Google Play covering everything you need to know about the world's jellyfish - current alerts, Jellyfish Near Me function, species info, a bloom blog, an encyclopedia, search facility, FAQs and an Ask Dr Lisa section.

Whether you're a traveller, diver, fisherman, beach comber, naturalist, tourist operator or simply have an interest in these amazing creatures, the Jellyfish App answers all of your questions about what and where is dangerous or not, what to do if stung and what to do to not get stung, plus how to raise an alert if a serious sting should occur.

Available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese while downloaded in 69 different countries, the app is clearly and cleverly created to allow the user to quickly assess a situation and identify around 300 different jellyfish species.

So when about to dip your toe in the beautiful warm waters of Lamai, Langkawi or loads of other beaches in Thailand, South-East Asia or anywhere else around the world, check the Jellyfish App first for peace of mind in paradise.

Get The App:

The Jellyfish App while providing an excellent resource as an extensive identification encyclopaedia is unfortunately not up-to-date with current warnings. The app's Current Alerts section cannot be relied upon to provide timely updated warnings. Consult alternative sources for an accurate overview of current trouble-spots around the world.


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