Koh Samui Moves With Box Jellyfish Plan

Very encouraging to see that Koh Samui under the guidance of the Thailand government is responding positively to a series of recent box jellyfish stings and tragic fatalities in the local island group.

It appears that progress is being made with seminars, training programs and systems designed to educate locals, make beaches safer and minimise the risk.

To keep up-to-date with what is going on, there is a blog providing good information about these developments on Koh Samui:

Please click the link above to find out more about Koh Samui and the box jellyfish situation.



  1. Three years ago my daughter (at the time she was 3) was stung by a box jellyfish. She was immediately taken to the beach and vinegar was poured in the sting. At the time I had no idea that vinegar was the right choice and others were telling me to do hot water. For whatever reason I used vinegar and now I am so grateful. We were at Shinoukville Cambodia when this happened and had been living in Cambodia for 3 years. My suggestion is that travel reports given out by Embasseys should include reports of box jellyfish sightings or stings and provide a list of precautions and first aide advice.

    1. Sorry to read about what must have been a terrifying time. Happy to see all ended as well as could be. Clearly there is a box jellyfish issue in Cambodia though getting information has been a challenge. Could you please email us - boxieblog@yahoo.com - as the very suggestion you make about embassy info is what needs to happen and at this stage we, with your help regarding more details of your daughter's sting, could try and facilitate this. Thanks Rachael.


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