Woman Killed By Box Jellyfish on Koh Phangan

A 31 year-old woman from Bangkok has tragically died after being stung by a box jellyfish on the island of Koh Phangan.

Coinciding with the island's Full Moon Party, the incident occurred at around 8pm on Friday 31 July 2015 when the woman, Chayanan Surin, along with 3 friends went swimming at Haad Rin beach.

Ms Surin was severely stung on areas including torso, arms and legs and sadly died within minutes of being stung.

In August 2014 a young French boy suffered the same tragic fate on the other side of the island.

Thai authorities managing the box jellyfish situation in Thailand have urged Koh Phangan locals to act though they have continually resisted any prevention activities made available to them.

Large Box Jellyfish specimen from Koh Phangan

The Samui Times reported the tragedy thus:

The Bangkok Post ran two small articles suggesting Koh Phangan will look at training lifeguards:


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