Painful Viewing - A Dangerous DIY 'Game'

Truth or Dare? 

Let's play the game.

Truth? OK. What's the most painful thing you have ever experienced? No I understand, you don't want to go there. 

OK then. Let's go with Dare. Yes? Fine.

Dare you to go and get stung by the world's most venomous animal. 

Go on. What are you waiting for? What? That's crazy? A box jellyfish?! Well yes, it would hurt like hell. Yes, it cuts deep like a knife. Sure, it burns like electrified razor-wire. OK then, yes, it could kill you. But look at the links in this post. These guys are deliberately doing it. If they can do it, surely you can too - if like them you are more interested in showing off than good sense or science. No? Wise move!

In the name of common sense and advocating safety - this is not a game, do not try this under any circumstances!!

In a cellular process measuring around 1 million G's, the natural world's most potent venom from the Chironex type box jellyfish is injected into the body creating immeasurable pain as it directly attacks the skin, the nervous system and the heart. It can kill you in a few excruciating minutes.
Chironex type box jellyfish have around 60 tentacles with each measuring up to 3m in length and each containing millions and millions of stinging cells. Once tangled up in a box jellyfish the sticky tentacles can easily wrap around limbs and the torso with death in adults known to occur with 2-3m of tentacle contact and 1.2m in children.

Irukandji is a tiny box jellyfish measuring around 10mm with a sting that feels more like a mosquito bite but with ensuing, lingering symptoms that have prompted many victims to demand to be euthanised. Box jellyfish expert Dr Peter Fenner in his website describes Irukandji syndrome like this, and note that ALL of these symptoms are experienced by the victim simultaneously:

'.. severe 'boring' pain in the sacral (low back) area .. muscle pains or 'cramps' moving rapidly into all four limbs and the abdominal and chest wall muscles. These pains are severe, unbearable and come on in 'waves' (similar to labour pains), although never fading completely .. chest pain .. sweating - profuse and drenching .. severe nausea and vomiting .. anxiety and 'wretchedness' - the victim feels "terrible" and often has "a feeling of impending doom" .. very restless .. severe frontal or global headache which may be incapacitating .. very fast heart rate with extra heart beats .. increased respiratory rate .. peripheral cyanosis (blue tinged nail beds and digits) .. life-threatening high blood pressure .. later complications of fluid on the lungs - acute pulmonary oedema ..'

Dare you to look at these links and see some truly moronic behaviour:


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