Seen A Jellyfish? Report It Here -

Have you spotted a jellyfish while in South-East Asian waters? If so, scientists are keen to hear about it from you.

No matter what type of jellyfish you saw, you can help science learn more about jellyfish by reporting your sighting at


This website is easy to use, takes only a few seconds to report and all reports are anonymous.

"Have you seen a jellyfish, red tide, a squid, or other unusual marine life recently? If so, tell us about it! Marine biologists need your help to develop a better understanding of the ocean. If you’ve been on the beach or in the ocean lately, you can contribute to a long-term dataset by telling us about the animals you saw or the conditions of the beach. You can help us even more by submitting a picture of what you saw!


" aims to encourage citizen science and international collaboration. It was created with the support of the education and internship programs of Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute beginning in the summer of 2009 and went public in February 2010. Any educational or research program is encouraged to use it as a reporting mechanism for their study or project. Data can be downloaded from the List Sightings page."


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