One Serious Sting Treated Daily at Philippines Hospital

"Everything was perfect. We were playing in the shallow water, looking for shells and little fish when, suddenly, Nela started to scream like in a hell. We had no idea what happened but brought her onto the beach right away. The boatman knew it already. In the same second he started to yell in his language, looking for vinegar in the first-aid set (but he didn’t find it!) while his helper found the killer in the water."

"The doctor immediately emerged Nela with vinegar and doused the wound, neutralizing the tentacles’ stinging cells, stopping the injection of more venom… It was all he did to help but it should have been done on the beach already! They told us, that she was lucky to go out of this close encounter with only a minor wounds. They also told us that they have the same kind of emergency at least once a day, usually more serious one."

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Thanks to Family Explore World for photo, quotes and this post on their blog!

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