Koh Chang Opts for Jellyfish Safety

Koh Chang joins a growing list of other Thai beach resort and fishing areas that have taken the initiative to improve water safety for all users.

As seen in the above image of beautiful Klong Prao Beach, venomous jellyfish information signs and vinegar first aid poles have been strategically positioned in case of an emergency involving marine stingers.

Thailand's 2nd largest island now stands alongside Koh Mak, Koh Kood, locations across Satun province and Phuket to install these life saving stations.

The presence of these signs and poles does not mean that this specific beach or precise location is any more or less dangerous than anywhere else across Thailand without signs and poles. There has not been enough research yet to show exactly where the worst places are. A swimmer could well be more at threat on a beach on Koh Samui without a sign than a beach on Koh Chang with a sign.

What is clear is that the beach communities that have the signs and the poles are committed to the safety and wellbeing of locals and visitors choosing to enjoy that beach. The threat is real but not high - as far as is understood - right across Thailand. The ocean is a wild place and there are lethal box jellyfish fishing for small fish and prawns on beautiful, shallow sand beaches along Thailand's Gulf and Andaman coasts.

At least when you swim or snorkel at locations with signs and poles, you can do it safe in the knowledge that if there was an unlikely incident involving a jellyfish sting then first aid is immediately at hand to potentially save you, your family, your friend's and even a complete stranger's life.

Well done Koh Chang!


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