Boxies Filmed Metres Off Kata Beach Phuket

Videos have emerged on Youtube showing box jellyfish being filmed during night dives off the popular west coast of Phuket. Experienced diver Joe Blasy filmed box jellyfish on three occasions around 20-50m off the coast of Kata Beach in recent months and posted his amazing encounters on Youtube.

This beautiful imagery shows a single-tentacle box jellyfish that is yet to be properly identified though is a carybdea much like irukandji.

Watch The Video:

Those graceful trailing tentacles pack a serious punch and if anything like its Australian irukandji cousin would cause nasty injury requiring hospitalisation or in a worst case scenario, death.

The local Phuket media has picked up on the discovery and the articles are linked here:

Both media outlets take differing viewpoints on these sightings, though the true impact of the discovery is somewhere in the middle.

The PMBC has erected venomous jellyfish signs and vinegar stations along the west coast of Phuket for very good reason - the Thai government is not about to waste too much of its hard-earned on something like this if it did not think it necessary.

Thanks to Joe Blasy for the images.  


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