Kood Be A Lifesaver ...

Lining up like guards on duty in their shiny new suits with first aid hats, these vinegar poles are being prepared for installation on Koh Kood.

The cosy island paradise of Koh Kood (or Koh Kut) responded rapidly to the serious box jellyfish sting reported on this blog of a 2 year old girl by following the lead of neighbouring Koh Mak in late December 2012 and installing vinegar poles right across the island.

This is a remarkable initiative and reassuring outcome for future visitors who consist often of young families seeking a genuine tropical island getaway far from the bars, the nightlife and the maddening full moon party crowds.

The concern shown by Koh Kood's decision makers and their swift reaction within a week or two of the incident is another example to other islands - including nearby Koh Chang - that taking immediate responsibility with positive, effective action is not just possible, it's essential.

From all reports local businesses and tourists have responded well to the installation of the first aid vinegar poles that do not have to be accompanied by scary signs and actually can be made to blend in much the same way as a fire extinguisher, emergency phone or other safety aid or device can in various different contexts as demonstrated on this Koh Mak beach resort.

Koh Kood actually did and we will all be better for it - great work!


  1. Vinegar has now been proven not to reduce but exacerbate the effects of a box jellyfish sting. DO NOT USE IT!

  2. THIS IS NOT TRUE 'Psychodudu'. Nothing has been proven.
    Vinegar is still recommended as you can read in this blog:
    Tests have been conducted that in controlled clinical conditions suggest that vinegar MAY cause partially-fired nematocysts to fully fire, other experts say that the circumstances of the testing were invalid and prove nothing while relevant bodies still recommend vinegar to treat box jellyfish stings.


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