Koh Mak's Vinegar Comes to the Rescue

Vinegar stations installed in 2012 on Koh Mak have paid off already - just ask a young French girl and her family.

The girl went for a swim after helping clean up rubbish washed up on that island's beautiful beaches. Within seconds she screamed in pain having been stung by a jellyfish. Her parents rushed to her aid, pulling her from the water.

One of the dozens of prominent red vinegar stations installed on Koh Mak was within 100m of the incident. Within seconds vinegar stored in the pole was easily accessed and liberally splashed on the girl's sting area. This immediately neutralized the remaining stinging cells on her skin thus drastically minimizing the injury.

If the vinegar was not so readily available the time taken to find vinegar would have been critical in determining the severity of the sting, the pain inflicted, the trauma for the parents and the outcome for the lucky young girl.

Vinegar to the rescue! So easy, so cheap, such a relief. The girl recovered quickly.


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