Kids TV Show on Box Jellyfish

Dr Lisa loves jellyfish. From the tips of their tender tentacles to the glint in their beady eyes, Dr Lisa likes what she sees. And she has seen it all, up close through microscope and personal via sting. World renowned jellyfish expert Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin is an American marine biologist based in Australia. She has researched and written extensively on the subject and here on an Australian Children's TV program, 'Creature Features', Dr Lisa talks to the kids about her passion for jellyfish and what should be done to avoid and treat stings.
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  1. Hi

    It may interest you that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have updated their travel advice for Malaysia on Smart Traveller. Following contact I made with the Foreign Minister's office, the advice has been updated to include a warning of the risk posed to swimmer of jellyfish stings, which they advise may be fatal.

    1. It is of great interest thanks. I'm curious as to why you made contact with the Foreign Minister's office to make this request?

    2. When I was looking at holiday options I considered Langkawi in Malaysia. I found it curious there was a travel advisory warning for Thailand regarding box jellyfish, but not Malaysia despite a significant rise in reported sting (and even fatalities) there in recent years.

      There is an interesting correlation between the Australian government travel advisory warning in 2008 and more resources dedicated to this problem by the Thai government in recent years. The Malaysian Government haven't even acknowledged the problem yet, so I hope this updated travel advisory warning may spur some action there.

    3. Thanks for your assessment and actions. One hopes there will be some movement on this in Malaysia. Sadly I suspect there will be more fatalities first. Let's hope not.


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