Box Jellyfish & Koh Samui - Local Dive Expert Tells

There's been a lot of focus on Phuket and the issue of box jellyfish - are they, aren't they, do we, don't we, should you, shouldn't you .. across the isthmus in the Gulf of Thailand is another hugely popular resort island where the evidence of box jellyfish in the water is clearer.

Koh Samui, like numerous other places around Thailand, has box jellyfish in its surrounding sea - there is pictorial evidence and there have been stings. As explained in the linked blog, there is no need to panic, you probably won't get stung - but be prepared because it does happen and you just might.

Camille Lemmens is a long term resident of Samui and PADI diving instructor running IDC there. His passion for Samui is unbridled and his commitment to the betterment of the island runs deep from issues of ecology and the environment to the enjoyment and safety of visitors and locals. Camille works closely with local business and officials to achieve these ends.

Click this link to Camille's blog to read what someone there on the ground and in the sea has to say about Box Jellyfish and Koh Samui:


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