Serious Box Jellyfish Sting in Phuket Region

Britain's Daily Mail newspaper reported this week on the sting to Ms Sam Webster with a feature article highlighting the traumatic experience endured somewhere in the Phuket vicinity.

The article was typical OTT British tabloid and while the reporting was ordinary - just where did this sting occur? - the facts remain.

Once again this demonstrates that dangerous jellyfish do exist on the Andaman Coast of Thailand and they sting - this particular sting was actually not big in terms of linear tentacle length contact - a decimetre or more and Ms Webster might have not survived to tell her story.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly at what location the sting occurred but it must have been a popular destination - as Ms Webster doesn't appear to be the most intrepid of travellers - and with a few hours drive of Phuket hospital. So perhaps Krabi? Koh Lanta? Khao Lak? Possibly Phi Phi?

How easy would it be for us not to know about this? Ms Webster has put herself out there to report this and the reality is if it were not for these pictures, this story would not be published. No-one would listen. And how many people report a sting anyway? A very small percentage it would seem.

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