Thailand Government Educates on Jellyfish

Thailand's Department of Marine and Coastal Resources has produced some literature designed to educate Thais about the jellyfish that live in their seas.

The intention is to provide solid scientific information in a fun, educational way and bring Thailand's range of dangerous and other jellyfish to the forefront of beach goers.

The Phuket Marine Biological Centre has produced a booklet in the form of a cartoon aimed specifically at children:

The Research Centre in the Lower Gulf very near Koh Samui has produced a more detailed jellyfish identification manual for the public that focuses on box jellyfish:

Go to the 6th option on Page 1 with a thumbnail as follows:

The Thai Government does not spend money in such areas unless they have concerns. These documents are in Thai aimed at safety for locals.

This follows on from the Memorandum of Understanding on Box Jellyfish undertaken by the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and Department of Disease Control in 2011.

The Department of Public Health are also in the process of preparing Jellyfish Treatment Guidelines which will be standard throughout all of Thailand's hospitals and medical centres.


  1. Hi, very interesting ! I got stung by a jellyfish 3 weeks ago near koh phi phi. Removed 2 greenish tentacles from my arm during the dive. After we got out of the water I applied vinegar. Now, 3 weeks later the scar is still there. took this one or 2 days after the dive. in reality the markings were darker than they look in the vid. Can you see what jellyfish caused this? Thank you, Roelof

  2. Hi Lau .. at one look it could be a type of box jellyfish, perhaps a smaller single-tentacle species - morbakka? .. it would be helpful to know where at Phi Phi the sting occurred and at what date/time and with which diving company .. I am at Koh Phi Phi at the moment and would like to find out if possible .. by the way, I have seen no sign of box jellyfish here and it is not a known area for sightings or stings particularly on the beaches. Thanks!


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