Rising Waters, Rising Risk!

Thailand is under water with severe flooding occurring in numerous places and Bangkok is indeed the most well publicised danger spot occupying plenty of media time. The images are incredible. My thoughts go out to the resilient Thais struggling with this natural disaster which they will of course overcome with their strong spirit and hard work. The TV has of course highlighted the unusual as well and scenes of crocodiles and snakes flushed into the flowing streets are catching the world's attention.

While one would not expect box jellyfish to be lurking at the feet of people forcing their way knee deep along a flooded street, the threat will come afterwards in the sea.

The flood waters will make their way back to the sea and take with them rubbish, debris, pollutants and every manner of nasty stuff that is going to make one hell of a mess. Obvious health issues such as dangerous e-Coli levels and other such bugs and submerged obstacles await those going into the water to swim, snorkel, fish etc. Most of this will of course be concentrated around areas most affected by the flood waters.

Box Jellyfish and indeed every other jellyfish thrive in such conditions. Increased nutrification of the water through dispersement of pollution and fertilisers provide food for jellyfish and increase their chances of survival. And survive they will! By the millions and millions and millions and more.

Be extra careful after the floods subside and for some time after that as it is most likely that jellyfish numbers will increase and take the risk of being stung up another notch.

If you notice this happening or otherwise please let me know.    


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