Do Boxies Sting Based on Skin Colour? It's a No Brainer!

Box Jellyfish are not racist! In fact, choosing to sting a person based on their race or skin colour is a no brainer for the boxie. They will sting whatever happens to get tangled in their tentacles. 

So regardless of race, creed, colour, religion, gender, age, sexual persuasion or anything else that we are all naturally born with; a Box Jellyfish will not discriminate, it will sting with a view to kill.

The Lund Vision Group at Lund University in Sweden has done extensive research in the area of Box Jellyfish vision ( and demonstrated that the animal can see and can somehow make decisions based on their sight, though the world of the Box Jellyfish is black and white and light and shade and seemingly designed for navigational purposes.

It is believed that there would be more fatalities from Box Jellyfish stings if it were not for the fact that they can swim quickly around an obstacle such as a rock, mangrove roots or slow moving leg - not so a fast moving child, and more children than adults are stung.

So forget this notion that Box Jellyfish hunt white legs as opposed to brown legs and seem to have this thing agaist Caucasians while having a soft spot for Asians. Even if you are covered in hair, even if you are canine or bovine or Frankenstein, a Box Jellyfish will sting you, the stinging cells will penetrate your skin (that goes for dogs and cows and buffalo too) and deadly venom will enter the bloodstream and then your life will be in the hands of the Gods (does this mean a boxie is a believer or an atheist?)

Good old, man-made lycra or spandex between the boxie and your skin will prevent a sting! 


  1. This is amazing fish, i have never seen or heard about such fish, transparent totally transparent amazing creature.

  2. Yes being almost transparent they are very difficult to see, almost impossible depending on clarity of water. You should inform your customers that potentially dangerous Box Jellyfish are a risk in the water's of Krabi that they should be aware of. Providing a few small points of what to look out for and first aid treatment in your guest information books would be the responsible thing to do.


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