Severe Stings to Swedish Girl on Koh Mak

A 9 year old Swedish girl is lucky to be alive after receiving serious stings from what is understood to be a Chironex-type Box Jellyfish. Holidaying with family on the Gulf island of Koh Mak located in the Koh Chang group in Trat province, Ida Rosenberg according to reports in ScandAsia, Aftonbladet and Phuketwan was splashing around close to shore when her parents who were snorkelling heard her agonizing screams.

A Swedish fireman acted quickly bringing Ida to shore, removing long thread noodle-like tentacles (not recommended but a natural instinct) and calling for vinegar. The girl was quickly unconscious and suffered cardiac arrest due to the highly toxic venom. The fireman, Anders Brunzell, kept working with CPR while the vinegar was applied and Ida regained consciousness. She was taken by boat to Trat hospital and is now well having survived her near-fatal ordeal but has sustained severe scarring on her leg.

Photos Aftonbladet


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